About us

Our commitment is to create strong relationships built on trust, honesty, and integrity.

Established in 2016, our leadership consists seasoned health, education, and legal professionals.

Together they bring over two decades of expertise from health, education, program design, construction and diversity management realms. Collaboratively, we closely engage with clients to ensure successful and equitable results that benefit all involved parties.

Family owned

As a family-owned and operated enterprise, KLNB holds hardworking team members in high regard and prioritize people above all. Our forward-looking perspective and comprehensive strategy propel us to craft complete solutions with unwavering integrity. We strive to be at the forefront of social entrepreneurship and bring changes that will positively impact society as a whole.

As we forge new paths and expand our horizons, our foundational principles remain unwavering: a dedication to hard work, an honest and genuine attitude, and a commitment to excellence without excuses.

We believe in the principle of consistently acting in the best interest of our customers, regardless of the situation.

KLNB Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote goodness in communities, empowering people and businesses to be more inclusive and responsive to diverse  needs.

Our goal is to craft customized solutions that support communities thriving together.


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333 Washington Blvd # 708, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 439-2090


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